30,000 acres of barren, non-agricultural land made fertile every year in Punjab – Breaking News – The Nation

| The total area under cultivation in Punjab is about 50.7 million acres, while the
the province has over 3.8 million acres of barren non-agricultural land

MULTAN – About 30,000 acres of dry land are made fertile every year in Punjab; however, the speed is extremely slow as the province has over 3.8 million acres of barren or non-agricultural land.

“About 3.8 million acres of land is barren or non-agricultural soil in Punjab province which could be converted into fertile land to benefit the country’s agricultural sector,” an official source from the Agricultural Engineering Department said. .

According to official sources, the total cultivation area in the province is about 50.7 million acres. Although steps are taken to convert barren land or non-agricultural land into fertile land, the speed of work for converting barren land into fertile land is considered slow as only 25,000 to 30,000 acres are converted into fertile land every year.

The department had prepared over 1.65 million acres so far. Likewise, the process of converting arid lands into fertile areas was progressing smoothly. The only way to prepare the barren land is through the use of bulldozers, the sources said. Bulldoser is a heavy machine which helps to prepare plots of land for agricultural work easier than manual human labor, thus improving the efficiency and cost of the preparation process. The Department of Agricultural Engineering has 297 bulldozers for this purpose and provides its services to farmers for leveling or preparing the land. The use of the dozer is also beneficial for land preparation in the mountains and plains.

The increase in cultivated areas is vital for the improvement of agricultural production. Regarding other uses of bulldozers, the sources maintained that bulldozers were also used to make embankments, especially during floods. Using a bulldozer ensures that the ground is well leveled and thus the target plants can grow well on flat ground. Leveling the ground also brings uniformity and distributes the soil evenly over the newly prepared ground. Leveling also makes the seeding process easier for farmers. Also, most of the time, new agricultural plots are not connected to good transport systems. A bulldozer can clear paths that connect the new farm to main roads and improve transport links. Like, the bulldoser machine is equipped with a very sharp and strong blade. This blade cuts both large trees and the vegetation that covers them. The remaining stumps can then be uprooted by the same machine, making the land suitable for other activities such as ploughing. Apart from this, bulldozers have also been used in the preparation of fish farms.

Amalia H. Mercado