Barbados Agricultural Society predicts stable prices for Christmas

As Christmas approaches, Barbadians are assured that local farmers will be able to meet the high demand for products and meats. Barbados Agricultural Society chief executive James Paul also says no price hikes are expected.

Paul said he expected farmers to be more than able to stock supermarket shelves and freezers across the island: “I don’t know what the supermarket pricing policies will be. Whether or not the prices are higher than they are now for fruits and vegetables, it usually depends on demand and supply. If we have a good harvest around Christmas, I think the prices will be relatively stable and in fact in some cases the prices have gone down.

“There are certain products like cucumbers for example, which are currently selling at extremely low prices in the market, but when you see them it reflects the level of production that we have. Sometimes due to the fact that there is no correlation between the farmers you get, every once in a while a glut of a particular product comes into the market and causes the price to drop.

“What I can say is that the farmers are trying to make sure they produce for the Christmas season. It has always been a habit but remember that demand is not like in previous years, unless of course the tourist market returns and is doing very well. But I think the farmers will be careful to try to keep up with the demand, so I think most likely it should be stable, ”he added.


Amalia H. Mercado