Bashkortostan seeks to export more agricultural products to Belarus

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MINSK, June 15 (BelTA) — Russian Bashkortostan wants to increase its exports of agricultural products to Belarus, Deputy Director of the Bashkortostan Export Promotion Center Rita Akchurina has told BUCE Press Secretary Roman Yaniv , to a BelTA correspondent.

The use of BUCE’s import substitution platform by producers of agricultural products and industrial goods in Bashkortostan was discussed in a joint webinar of BUCE and the Commodity Exchange of Uzbekistan. The seminar was supported by the Export Promotion Center of Bashkortostan. About 30 entrepreneurs from the Russian region took part.

According to Rita Akchurina, deputy director of the Bashkortostan Export Promotion Center, exports of agricultural products from Bashkortostan have almost doubled over the past year. The biggest contributors to export growth were small businesses that took advantage of the favorable situation in foreign markets. In this regard, the import substitution platform BUCE can become an additional sales channel for exporters from Bashkortostan. “Amid the strong demand for agricultural products overseas, our companies are extremely interested in increasing exports of sunflower oil, meal and meal, as well as cereals and pulses. As far as I know, these products are also in demand in Belarus, so I consider this area of ​​​​cooperation one of the most promising. Chemicals, plastic and rubber products are also among Bashkortostan’s main export products. Requests to sell these products could be placed on the import substitution platform, which will expand the range of import substitution products already available for purchase,” says Rita Akchurina.

Aleksandr Bashliy, head of the external relations office of the Universal Commodity Exchange of Belarus, suggested considering the possibility of buying import-substituting products produced in Belarus, especially since many of them are already available on the exchange platform. “First of all, these are engineering products, equipment, building materials and textiles. The main manufacturers of these products are accredited on the stock exchange, ready to quickly ship the required volumes to consumers in Bashkortostan. Also, even if the products you need are not listed in the Import Substitution e-Catalog, they can be brought in or made to order by placing an appropriate request. This option is only available on our platform,” said the BUCE representative.

Founded in 2004, the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange held its first trading session in June 2005. BUCE is one of the largest commodity exchanges in Eastern Europe. Its main function is to help Belarusian companies to export and foreign companies to enter the Belarusian market. BUCE sells a wide range of metal, forestry and agricultural products, industrial and consumer goods.

Amalia H. Mercado