Large housing development in Yapton proposed on ‘best’ farmland

Landlink Estates Limited applied to Arun District Council to build the houses on farmland west of Bilsham Road in January.

The site is south of Yapton and the council’s planning committee is due to make a decision on Wednesday August 24.

This is a “hybrid” application, which means that, if approved, full authorization will be granted for 30 dwellings and summary authorization (or authorization in principle) will be granted for the remaining 110 dwellings.

Illustrative layout of the proposed development of Yapton

The program would be delivered in three phases and could provide up to 42 affordable housing units.

Open space, landscaping, drainage and infrastructure are also included in the plans.

Access to the development would be north of Taylors Close and new footbridges would link the site to existing footpaths and a bus stop, with an additional crossing point planned.

Separate plans for 250 homes have been approved on a different “strategic” site, already earmarked for housing, to the north.

However, plans for 73 homes on the Bilsham Road site were turned down in September 2021.

More than 160 objections were sent to ADC, including a five-page letter from the Yapton Parish Council.

The parish council says the plans deviate from the local plan, adding that Yapton has already provided more than 1,000 homes.

Yapton PC is also worried about increased pressure on schools, as is West Sussex County Council, which says it is ‘not possible’ to expand the supply of secondary schools.

WSCC Motorways is asking for contributions totaling £697,000 for improvements to the A259 Comet Corner junction.

There were no objections from the Environment Agency or Southern Water, but National Highways has a waiting objection.

Several locals took to social media to say it would be “heartbreaking” if the plans materialized.

But the developer says the project would “enhance the vitality of the Yapton community.”

Council planning officers recommend conditional approval of the project.

But they noted the development would be on “the best and most versatile farmland”, with crops growing as recently as July 2021.

Amalia H. Mercado