Leacock Supervisors Hear Tentative Plans to Subdivide 60 Acres of Farmland to Build Community Center | Community news

When: Leacock Township Supervisors Meeting, September 20.

What happened: Township supervisors have reviewed tentative plans to subdivide a 60-acre property on North Ronks Road in Bird-in-Hand so that a non-profit community center can be erected there.

Fund: The board initially heard a proposal in late 2019 to build a community center in Bird-in-Hand or Central Leacock Township. This facility would be known as the Lancaster County Community Center and would host a wide variety of events, such as auctions and trade shows.

Why this is important: Supervisors presented a proposal to subdivide a 60-acre property on North Ronks Road into 20- and 40-acre lots. The 20 acre portion would be used to erect a community center with additional space for overflow parking and potential future expansion.

And after: Since these draft plans would subdivide a property zoned for agricultural purposes, the owner must apply to the Zoning Hearing Board for a waiver to exceed a 2 acre subdivision. Township supervisors were uncomfortable supporting the proposal without further details on how the remaining 40 acres would be used after the division. The owner will return with final development and rezoning plans for the two lots at a later date.

Amalia H. Mercado