Massey Agricultural Society holds second food competition

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With the past success of a massive food giveaway in December in Massey, the Massey Agricultural Society is preparing to host a reminder event with a second food giveaway on Saturday February 27 at Massey Fairgrounds. Everyone is welcome to attend to take home the food of their choice from what is available.

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Farm society president Brian Channon said they had just over 400 vehicles with families participating in the last giveaway; most of the participants were from single-parent families.

Channon estimates that at least 80 volunteers helped out at the last event and he hopes to have a large contingent of volunteers this time around.

“It takes a lot of people to put everything together,” he said recently.

According to Channon, there is “a wide variety of food offered”.

Some of the food items people were able to take home included cases of dozens of eggs, cartons of cooked shrimp, and many other groceries.

Most of the products were packaged in large quantities, which allowed giveaway attendees to broadcast or share what they were taking home with families and friends who were unable to attend the event.

Food items donated at the last event came from Barney’s Outlet in Little Current on Manitoulin Island; this year all gift items come from Froogles in Hanmer. Froogles is well known in the Sudbury area for its deeply discounted prices, friendly staff and regular grocery giveaways.

This year, the company has partnered with Helping Hands Family Missions and Valley Pentecostal Church to deliver massive food gifts to families in the Sudbury District.

The Massey event will take place on Saturday February 27 with the doors opening at 10:30 a.m. at the Massey Exhibition Center. All participants must remain in their vehicles, must wear a mask, and volunteers helping with the distribution will wear masks. All COVID-19 protocols will be in place.

The event is expected to attract dozens of vehicles laden with families participating in the gigantic food giveaway. If the latest food donation is any indicator, Saturday’s event will be a huge success and provide many families with much-needed groceries. As Brian Channon, president of the Massey Agricultural Society said, “the end result (of the gift) is that people are given food.”

Amalia H. Mercado