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By Sue Tiffin

As summer approaches, the Minden Fairgrounds will once again be filled with music, animals and people celebrating and promoting agriculture.

A Haliburton County Fair Event – ​​a kind of micro-fair – will take place on June 11, the second Saturday in June. A live horse-drawn and country music show from Minden, sponsored by the Minden Agricultural Society, has been announced, with more activities and events planned each day.

“It won’t be the full fair, but just so people have something to see and watch,” said Eric Casper, director of the agricultural society. “It should be a nice day, and I hope we have good weather.”

The event features live music from Stockdale Central, Ian Brohm and a special performance from Linda Robertson and Wendy Connelly, Country Bluegrass Band and Davis and Grant. A horse draw takes place in the afternoon.

Rather than a ticket price this year, admission will be by donation at the door.

Casper said the micro-fair is a “little in-between” before a bigger event next year when the agricultural society has more time to plan the full event. Typically, outside of pandemic times, the group starts planning for the next fair directly after the fair they organized.

The first show is scheduled for 11 a.m. and the horse draw begins at 2:30 p.m.

For more information, visit haliburtoncountyfair.ca.

The agricultural society looks to the future

On April 30 at 1 p.m., the Minden Agricultural Society will meet for an Annual General Meeting at Minden United Church. At that meeting, Casper said, the group will talk about the future of the company, which needs more board members and associate board members who care about agriculture.

“I think the important part is that because it’s the agricultural society that’s hosting the fair, you have to have some passion or want to promote agricultural ideas to the community,” Casper said. “That’s the whole point of the fair, for young people to see the horses or other farm animals, or different aspects of a farm, the show building where you can see fruits and vegetables, the fruits of the labor of your own food culture.”

Casper said the volunteer work required through the agricultural society can be varied, and so any skill anyone can bring to the table is welcome, and through volunteer work, he said skills will be learned .

“When I started, when I was younger, through all of your experiences, you take something out of it, so if you were looking to acquire something in your life, a skill or just wanted to keep busy, that’s is a great opportunity for that,” he said. “Whether it’s music, children’s exhibits, animal portion management, food and drink, there are all sorts of options, all sorts of avenues you can imagine for a event.”

Everyone is welcome. Members must be 18 or older, but younger people can still volunteer or help run a section of the fair or event without being a member. The group usually meets once a month.

“We need people to join us this year or say, ‘I’ll join you next year,’ and be prepared to organize and help with the events of 2023,” Casper said.

For more information, contact Eric Casper at [email protected]

Amalia H. Mercado