More special agricultural products from Guizhou appear in PLA rations

By Liu Hongliang and Wei Bin

BEIJING, Aug. 22 — Following the introduction of nutritious foods such as pearl barley and shiitake mushroom field rations, another special agricultural product from Guizhou Province, dried prickly pears, has also been listed in the Chinese Army Food Supply Catalog. .

In recent years, the PLA Academy of Military Sciences (AMS) Systems Engineering Research Institute has made steady efforts to promote the combination of R&D of field rations for military use with the production and the sale of Guizhou special agricultural products, according to a cooperation agreement to facilitate rural revitalization signed by the research institute and relevant departments of Guizhou Province.

After repeated trials, a team of researchers from the institute used special agricultural products such as pearl barley, edible mushrooms and prickly pears produced in Guizhou as raw materials to develop field rations for military use. Troops stationed in the plateaus and cold regions gave positive feedback after trying the field rations made from these special Guizhou agricultural products above.

For now, more and more special agricultural products have come out from the remote mountains of Guizhou Province and become the food of service members, helping them to achieve balanced nutrition and improve physical fitness, and at the same time, local businesses and farmers are also the beneficiaries of cooperation between the military and Guizhou Province with their income continued to increase.

Amalia H. Mercado