Orders for agricultural products increased 279% year on year

On October 8, the new e-commerce platform Pinduoduo released a report on consumer trends during Golden Week, national holiday. As the largest national agricultural products platform, Pinduoduo also ushered in the golden week of agricultural product sales. Agricultural orders generated during the holidays increased 279% compared to the same period last year. Iconic agricultural products from across the country such as Yuncheng apples in Shanxi, Zhanhua winter dates in Shandong, Huili pomegranates in Sichuan are particularly popular.

October is the harvest season for agricultural products, and it is also an important consumption season. Catalyzed by factors such as the normalization of the epidemic and the continued increase in disposable income per capita of urban and rural residents, green consumption and healthy consumption have become increasingly popular, and agricultural products sourced from high quality and good price have become the first choice of more people.

A large grower in Yuncheng, Shanxi, said that in the past the sales cycle for apples was long. After the harvested fruit entered the cold store, it took more than six months to receive payment. Today, the e-commerce platform has entered a period of sales concentration since October. Apple would be exhausted in a matter of months, and the sales cycle is significantly shortened, stabilizing the potential risks caused by apple price fluctuation in the later period.

In the first half of this year, Pinduoduo’s orders for agricultural and secondary products grew rapidly, growing 431% year-on-year. There are over 4,000 agricultural products with single product sales of over 100,000 orders, an increase of over 490% year over year; the number of agricultural products with single product sales of more than 1 million orders has reached more than 30.

Source: jwview.com

Amalia H. Mercado