Solar farm will ruin farmland – Mary M. Gjermo | Letters to the Editor

Why are so many of us in the Cambridge community opposed to the Koshkonong Solar Power Center project? Don’t we see the need for renewable energy? Yes. But a large-scale solar farm on prime agricultural land and at the entrance to our village is not a responsible plan.

The 10th such solar project envisioned by Wisconsin regulators, the project highlights the tensions brewing as Wisconsin utilities seek to replace coal-fired power with clean power.

Longtime farmers fear that farmland will never return to production after solar farm leases expire. The village sees its only growth zone consumed by solar panels. The school district is concerned about the loss of income and the presence of one of the largest battery storage facilities in the country near the primary school.

Our state does not trade coal for solar. He traded Wisconsin dairy lands for utility districts. What happened to the farmland preservation program?

Try building a house in rural Dane County and see how many hoops you need to get through. Why are the big energies getting a local zoning pass?

These problems pit neighbor against neighbor. The real culprits are greedy private energy companies, sleepy state lawmakers who haven’t enacted proper regulatory legislation for large-scale solar power, and our Civil Service Commission which seems to endorse every mega-project.

Sometimes green energy has a rotten stomach.

Amalia H. Mercado