State to form task force to help rural farmers export agricultural products | Nashik News

Nashik: State Agriculture Minister Dada Bhuse said on Thursday that the state government is appointing a task force in each district to boost exports of agricultural products.
Addressing farmers during a program held at Nashik Panchayat Samiti to promote Raan Bhaji: Vegetables Produced by Tribal Community, the Minister said, “Farmers are doing their best to produce pulses, but they are not. good at marketing their products. Therefore, a state level working group is being formed to promote the same. ”
The state was a leader in the production of agricultural products, but farmers lack the information to get good prices and even export goods where there are opportunities.
“Since farmers in rural areas do not have access to markets across the country and abroad, the working group will help them with all the information and procedures to follow to sell their products,” Bhuse said.
The minister also added that the agriculture department would also take steps to guide the tribal community in the sale of its products.
“Raan Bhaji, as the name suggests, is cultivated in the jungles and the contribution of people in the tribal community to the conservation of these legumes with medicinal values ​​is unmatched. We therefore decided to appoint agents who could bridge the gap between producers and consumers, ”he added.
Regarding the supply of urea to farmers, Bhuse asserted that there is a process in place to effectively deliver urea to farmers. “We have a urea buffer stock for farmers. The system put in place this year ensured that unscrupulous elements could not play with the same, ”Bhuse added.

Amalia H. Mercado