Technological University of Munster – National Center for Agricultural Engineering April 14, 2021 Free

Professor Joseph Walsh, Principal of the School of STEM at MTU Kerry Campus, said: “MTU Kerry Campus has a very proud tradition of agricultural engineering teaching and research for over 40 years, we are delighted to lead these projects. innovative by working with a wide range of AgriTech companies nationwide. At every step of the entire agri-food supply chain, smart agricultural technologies are used, from planting seeds to harvesting crops, raising livestock and treating disease, transporting goods and management of commercial sales. “

“Agricultural technology is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic and exciting markets in the world. It is driven by global challenges: a growing population, rapid development of emerging economies with western lifestyle aspirations and growing geopolitical instability linked to scarcities of land, water and energy. These challenges must be met by improving yield and efficiency with reduced environmental impact, including reducing carbon and improving biodiversity. and low impact agriculture means that smart agricultural technologies have enormous development potential. There are great employment opportunities for graduates in this exciting field and Ireland is uniquely positioned to become a world leader. “

ACE – The AgriTech Center of Excellence: VR Suite

Monday April 19 from 2 p.m.

Experience Ireland’s first virtual, augmented and mixed reality suite. Funded by Enterprise Ireland, Kerry County Council, as well as industry partners Dairymaster, McHale Engineering and Abbey Machinery.

ACE is a new and exciting approach to AgriTech’s sector learning, development and research. ACE uses immersive learning technologies such as e-learning and virtual reality platforms to deliver learning and development excellence for the AgriTech industry. Led by the industry, ACE strives to enhance the capabilities of Irish agribusiness companies, enabling them to expand their reach and global ambition. The vision is to position Ireland at the forefront of the international agro-tech industry.

The ACE Suite is a specially designed virtual and physical collaboration space with endless possibilities that hosts a wide range of the very latest augmented, virtual and mixed reality platforms, allowing you to think differently while working in a unique and technology-rich environment. .

Whatever your business needs, the ACE suite, including its support and consulting team, can create a tailor-made solution to suit your needs. This includes presentations and pitches, workshops and ideas, conferences, media events and unique filming locations, product launches, design reflection and anything else you can imagine.

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AgriTech Cluster Event: An opportunity presents itself for AgriTech SMEs in Ireland

Tuesday April 27 from 11 a.m.

Global population growth coupled with the need to be more sustainable requires a higher level of production from agricultural activities. As a result, the adoption of technology in agriculture is increasingly widespread, this trend is expected to accelerate as technologies become more resilient in agricultural environments. This creates a growth opportunity for the Irish agricultural industry. Businesses can think big because there is a global market waiting for more efficient and sustainable solutions.

The AgriTech Cluster of Ireland is a bringing together of companies, academics and governments to unlock new opportunities and generate growth in this important sector. This new initiative is part of a national approach led by Enterprise Ireland through the Regional Technology Clustering Fund (RTCF) to support the growth of SMEs in multiple sectors. MTU Kerry Campus is the base of the AgriTech cluster whose objective is to establish, build and maintain a cluster of AgriTech companies from across Ireland to boost the productivity, competitiveness and internationalization of AgriTech SMEs.

This online event will be organized to launch the activities of the AgriTech cluster and to encourage participation in this new initiative aimed at developing the fortunes of Irish AgriTech SMEs. Find out more by registering for this event at

TAgMI – Transforming AgriTech Manufacturing in Ireland

Thursday May 6 from 4 p.m.

TAgMI is an important collaboration between Ireland’s leading agro-tech companies, the Science Foundation Ireland’s CONFIRM Center for Smart Manufacturing and the IMaR Research Center. TAgMI will research and develop robotics, AI and immersive digital training solutions to advance current AgriTech products and revolutionize their training and service industry. To achieve the above goals, the TAgMI project will work with AgriTech companies collaborating to develop robotics and AI solutions to advance current AgriTech product offerings and develop other innovative assistive technologies for their customers. In addition, the project will focus on digital training and reinvent and redesign the learning experience and revolutionize the industry using cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) and augmented (AR) immersive technologies and learning solutions in custom line. The project will generate 11 research positions.

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Amalia H. Mercado