Telangana allows NRIs to sell or donate farmland remotely: The Tribune India

Naveen S Garewal

Tribune press service

Hyderabad, May 19

Telangana has become a state which will now allow Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) to sell their agricultural land in the state from their remote locations, using the state’s Dharani portal.

Any transactions involving their property, such as sale, donation, general power of attorney (GPA) issuances, etc., will be authorized from foreign lands. However, to buy land, they will need to be physically present in the state.

The state government today announced that it has incorporated a new option for the benefit of Telangana NRIs on the Dharani website to allow them to manage their farmland in any way they wish. The new provisions will also allow NRIs to apply for the conversion of their agricultural land into non-agricultural properties under the NALA (Non-Agricultural Land Valuation) Act, without requiring them to visit revenue offices in India.

Telangana has digitized most of its land records and issued passbooks to landowners where everyone is eligible to receive ‘farmers aid’ of Rs 10,000 per acre, in two semi-annual installments, regardless of a person’s financial status . The scheme is called Rhytu Bandhu and was introduced by Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) during his 2014-2018 tenure.

NRIs who wish to use this facility must self-register and upload details of their agricultural properties in their home state through the Dharani portal. This would provide legal protection to NRI lands and prevent others from fraudulently registering these properties in their absence.

The government has also waived the requirement to register on the portal using an Aadhar number replacing it with allowing NRIs to use their passport number and their existing country’s social security number. They can also authorize the GPA holder by uploading the relevant documents only through their login/username.

Amalia H. Mercado