The San Benito Agricultural Land Trust encourages residents to support local farmers and ranchers

SBALT writes about the options residents have to support local businesses this Thanksgiving.

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The agriculture of San Benito Land Trust (SBALT) strives to preserve our county’s “working landscapes” – open spaces that provide food and fiber to our community and beyond. We are grateful for the generosity our region provides and the people who do the hard work to feed us locally and across the country.

This Thanksgiving, we encourage readers to consider supporting the farmers and ranchers of San Benito County by purchasing a turkey and side dishes from a local farm or business that offers local produce. Not only will you have a healthy and delicious meal at your table, but you will also help maintain our functional landscapes which provide wildlife habitat, views and income to other county residents.

Paicines Ranch, on Highway 25, works to build healthy soils and manage wildlife and biodiversity.

“Paicines Ranch turkeys reflect our diverse and perennial pastures. These birds graze outdoors for most of their lives, ”said Martha Skelley, Director of Farm and Livestock. “They are an important part of our multi-species pastures, alongside sheep and pigs, and add so many nutrients and beneficial microbes to our soil. The time they spend with us is special and they are truly amazing creatures! “

It is not too late to purchase a whole turkey or a half turkey from Paicines Ranch through their website or call 831-628-0288.

Lisa Knutson aka “Pasture Chick” in Hollister once sold turkeys, but she has 4 to 5 pound chickens for small feasts, as well as fresh eggs for cooking. Contact Lisa at [email protected]

For vegetarians, sides and desserts there are many local sources. Vegetables and nuts, as well as apples and apricots for homemade pies can be purchased from the following farms:

And don’t forget all the gourmet local olive oils, wines and beers that are produced right here in San Benito County. BenitoLink’s Eat, Drink, Savor series makes it easy to learn about many of these options and the families behind them. Search Eat, Drink, Savor here.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the San Benito Agricultural Land Trust! Learn more about the organization here.

Amalia H. Mercado