Tsehay Roschli Industrial and Agricultural Engineering (TRIAE)

Tsehay Roschli Industrial and Agricultural Engineering (TRIAE) is an Ethiopian company that manufactures agricultural equipment, building and construction materials, pre- and post-harvest equipment, dairy equipment and steel mills, aluminum and stainless steel.

In 1986, Mrs. Tsehay Roschli founded Selam Children’s Village with 23 orphans and 4 workers to provide necessities and a family to children who lost their parents due to the drought that hit the northern part of Ethiopia. Following their daughter’s journey, her parents, David and Marie-Louise Roschli, settled in Ethiopia in 1989 and launched the preparatory work for the technical and professional centre. During the year Selam continued to grow supporting many people and employing hundreds.

To ensure the sustainability of Selam children’s village projects, Selam Children’s Village is involved in various income-generating activities in the fields of construction, metallurgy, renewable energy, hydroelectric equipment, transport, agriculture and carpentry. Interns at Selam Technical and Vocational College gain hands-on experience through these income-generating projects. They gain confidence in their abilities in their field of study as they receive on-the-job training. Income-generating activities, on the other hand, reduce Selam’s dependence on foreign aid.

The manufacture of low-cost mining equipment using appropriate technology is a means of locally meeting the immediate needs of the community.


TRIAE envisions becoming the most competitive business enterprise and customers’ choice by meeting and exceeding their needs and expectations.


TRIAE’s mission is, first, to produce and sell industrial and agricultural products and services to the satisfaction of its customers, thereby achieving profitability; and second, to transfer technology and knowledge to contribute to the growth of the manufacturing sector in Ethiopia; Third, to contribute financially to the mission and objectives of Selam Children’s Village.


Currently, TRIAE has approximately 165 employees, including the management team.


There are six workshops, and each workshop has an average of 400 m2 used to manufacture the products.

The first workshop is the stainless steel workshop. In this workshop, all stainless steel products are manufactured, and the workshop is equipped with a TIG (Tungsten inert gas) welding machine.

The second workshop is the metal fabrication workshop. In this workshop, various types of machinery and steel structure products, including metal processing plants, are processed and assembled. And this workshop is equipped with MIG (metal inert gas) welding, arc welding, cutting machines, CNC and manual punching machines, eccentric presses and plasma cutting machines.

The third workshop is the machine shop. This workshop is equipped with various lathe machines, including long beds, milling machines and face grinding machines.

The fourth workshop is the cold forming workshop. This workshop is equipped with various high-powered shears, benders and rollers. This workshop supplies other stainless steel, metallurgy and machinery workshops with sheet metal or stainless steel after transformation.

The fifth workshop is the cement products grinding workshop. This workshop is equipped with mixers, a grinding plant and a hydra-formed block plant.

The sixth is a carpentry workshop. The workshop is equipped with various types of machinery such as circular saws, band saws, milling machines, presses, lathes, planners, sanders and plans and produces different types of wooden furniture and agricultural products such as beehives and fruit dryers.

product design

All products are designed in the design section. The design team has a good experience in the design of mechanical and electrical components. Additionally, the manufacturing plant has over 52 skilled technicians, most of whom are trained in Selam and have the opportunity to practice in the field. The workshops are led by experienced supervisors.

Some products

Some of TRIAE’s products are described below:

Metal products

Multi-crop thresher, corn sheller, heavy duty seed grader, harvester, multi-crop grain cleaner, flower mill, modular rice mill, wet type mill, dry coffee pulper, Agro Stone Mixer treadle pumps, pumps rope and washer, and cross-flow turbine mixers Soil crushers, tile machines, soil block machines, hollow block machines, different types of moulds, wind pumps, ram pumps, boats, metal roof structures , roller conveyors, belt conveyors, silos, bucket elevators, galvanizing plants, fuel tanks with trailers, trolleys of different sizes, log cutting tables, bone crusher, oscillating type cleaners, rotary type washers, carousel , scale, swing, sheep scale, boilers 0.5-1 bar, ducts. aluminum boats, mixers and stirrers, food grade equipment, honey equipment sets, milk processing equipment, handrails, stainless steel containers and vessels.

Cement products and grinding stone

tile, hollow block, hydra block and grinding wheel in different sizes.

wooden products

Bee hives, solar cooking equipment, various types of household and office furniture such as tables, kitchen cabinets, chairs, cupboards, etc.

We can classify our products into the following categories:

  1. Construction materials
  2. Grinding wheels and grinders
  3. Pre and post-harvest equipment
  4. wooden products
  5. Dairy farm and livestock feed equipment
  6. Beekeeping equipment
  7. School playground
  8. Stainless steel and aluminum products
  9. sheet metal product
  10. construction equipment
  11. water lifting equipment
  12. Transport equipment
  13. Non-standard products & other Services

Spare parts

In addition to product manufacturing, spare parts for different types of processing plants, such as salt iodization plants and other products, are manufactured at Selam-TRIAE.

Product quality control

TRIAE has a quality control section. This section has been established to meet quality standards in the product manufacturing process. The quality control and maintenance sections are led by mechanical engineers. The Quality Control Office performs various quality control activities based on the stated approved procedures. The approved procedures given are:

  1. Raw Material/Incoming Material Inspection Procedure
  2. Internal Meter Calibration Procedure
  3. Control procedure for non-conforming products

After sales service

In case customers seek technical assistance on supplied equipment and spare parts, TRIAE is always ready to help. We can guarantee prompt and accurate implementation and execution of any type of technical assistance that is passed to us.

Warranty: For machines built by TRIAE, we provide a six-month warranty period for problems resulting from manufacturing errors.

Location and contact address

SCV TRIAE is located in Addis Ababa, in the sub-city of Yeka around Kotebe. The complex where SCV is located is large and has enough space for parking and ample land for expansion in all aspects (products and services). There are also shops equipped with quality and standard machinery and equipment related to the types of products and services.

Amalia H. Mercado