Ukraine exports more than a million tons of agricultural products from seaports


44 ships have left Ukrainian ports since August 1 [when Russia ceased to block grain shipments from Ukraine, and the food corridor opened in the Black Sea], exporting more than 1 million tons of agricultural products to 15 countries around the world. This is part of the implementation of the safe transportation of grain and food products initiative.

The Seaports Administration of Ukraine reported this on Saturday.

On the morning of August 26, another 4 ships left the port of Chornomorsk, carrying 133,000 tons of wheat, corn and oil to ports in Sudan, India, Egypt and Turkey.

“During the week of operation of the ‘grain corridor’, the ports of Greater Odessa received 13 ships to be loaded with 362,000 tons of wheat, corn, rapeseed, oil, soybeans and barley, bound for the ports of Spain, Israel, Germany At the same time, 13 ships carrying 294,000 tons of wheat, oil, soybeans, rapeseed and corn were sent to ports in Libya, the Netherlands, from Israel, India, Egypt, Turkey, Germany and Sudan,” the report said.

The President of Ukraine also noted in his evening speech that there are already 70 requests for the arrival of new ships for loading. The main objective is to reach a volume of 3 million tons of export by sea every month, which is extremely important for Africa, Asia and Europe.


As of August 25, Ukraine has already collected 25.5 million tons of grain, having processed 59% of the sown area, or 6.6 million hectares.

As part of the “grain corridor” works, the export of any other goods, with the exception of agricultural products, is currently not provided for.

In August, more than one million tonnes of grain for export were transported via Ukrainian railways; 549,000 tons of this quantity were transported through land corridors.

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Amalia H. Mercado