Van Wert County Agricultural Society Announces Director Seats Will Be Elected

VAN WERT – The Van Wert County Agricultural Society, the management organization of the Van Wert County Fairgrounds, announces available director positions. Petitions are available from Monday August 1st for the following seats that are up for election this year.

They are: Harrison Township, Ridge Township, Union Township, Willshire Township, Central Region and County Villages.

Each candidate for the position of director of the Van Wert County Agricultural Society must meet the following requirements to file a petition for such position

A) Purchase a membership certificate for the membership year in which the candidate wishes to be elected.

B) Complete 10 hours of voluntary service to the society, during the fiscal year in which the candidate is running for office.

C) Attend a regular monthly meeting of the board of directors of the company, during the fiscal year in which the candidate is standing for election.

D) Indicate on the petition the specific board position for which the nominee is seeking election.

E) Collect 10 or more signatures from society members, from the region for which the board position represents.

F) In the event that the required 10 signatures of members of the society in the region for which the position represents cannot be obtained due to circumstances such as a pandemic or other similar causes, then the required number of signatures is amended to twenty of the full membership. The obligation to limit it to the area represented is lifted only for this electoral cycle.

Any candidate who does not meet the conditions listed above will be ineligible for election as a director. Items B and C above will come into effect for candidates running for election for the 2022 election and every election thereafter.

Amalia H. Mercado