Yorkshire holiday park plan is ‘shameful destruction of mixed-use farmland’, says councilor

Councilor Billy Ayre questioned why the substation was not included in the original application for the facility, which received permission in 2020.

Twenty-one holiday lodges are being built on former agricultural pasture, off the A171 Middlesbrough road on the outskirts of Guisborough, opposite the Cross Keys Hotel. The substation will be located in the northeast corner of the site.

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Earl Ayre asked: ‘Why does the plaintiff think this is necessary for a substation? Surely that must have been taken into account in the original request to say that we need a power supply. Unless it is to be lit by a gas lamp?

Agricultural land intended for the holiday park

The council’s development services manager, Claire Griffiths, said: ‘I assume this is the only way they can get electricity to the site, there must have been conversations with National Powergrid and the suppliers of energy.

“It may be that other discussions have identified a gap, it happens, it happens on housing sites sometimes.”

Members of the regulatory committee also questioned the height of the substation – 2.8 meters – compared to the height of the pavilions, the former being slightly smaller.

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Opponent Pamela Willis claimed councilors had been ‘misled’ about the visual impact of the holiday park and the concerns of some people living locally, including road safety issues, had been ignored.

She said: ‘What is evident to nearby neighbors and the thousands of motorists who pass by each day is the shameful destruction of multi-purpose farmland.

“The introduction of a substation suggests the potential for light pollution which will cause greater damage and adversely affect the natural environment and wildlife in this rural area.”

But council planning officers concluded the proposal was appropriate and would not negatively impact the character and appearance of the area. Earl Ayre said he did not believe the addition of a substation would cause ‘significant harm’ and there was no good reason to refuse the request.

Councilor Anne Watts said: ‘As the site has already been planned, I move that we accept the officer’s recommendation. We clearly have no choice, because they need electricity for this [the site] to be operational. »

Earl Stuart Smith, chairman of the committee, said: “The building itself is smaller than the cottages and I do not consider this to be a detrimental aspect to the countryside or a negative feature of the site.”

Amalia H. Mercado